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So it would need 240,000 K supercomputers to simulate realtime in the human brain (how many raspberry Pis?) = maybe brute force computing is not the answer?

Supercomputer models one second of human brain activity – Telegraph

This suggests that by the law of averages, marketing automation generates no benefit

Uh-oh: One-third of companies adopting marketing automation are not hitting ROI goals

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Quantified Self Movement Quackery

#quantifiedself #itsallaboutme I feel one might gain more useful self awareness by meditating on self-improvement than minutely recording every little activity of one’s marvellous existence

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Perils of technology investment

Two interesting themes underlying this article: 1. Clever technology doesn’t always make a great business, 2. The Innovators Dilemma at work in big corporates strangling the babies , “The smarter news apps are, the dumber they get…” at

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