- 2 - B2B E-commerce: Seizing the Money-Making Opportunities Oliver Slesar, March 2000 © 2001 Sixhills Consulting Ltd & Author In addition to cost efficiencies, intermediaries may also generate higher revenue for customers via increased sales reach. Once again, margins should be in line with the source of the economic benefit. For example, commissions from selling perishable items via the web can be as high as 50% since the alternative sales return would be zero – examples here include space on trucks which would otherwise return empty (NTE), or internet advertising space that would otherwise pass unfilled (Adauction.) Overall, the $1B forecast by Forrester Research for B2B e-commerce in 2003 makes it clear that significant transaction volumes will be flowing through B2B e-commerce players. The goal for B2B managers should therefore be to develop revenue strategies that maximise their money making opportunities based on a detailed understanding of the improved economics they bring to their market. Oliver Slesar, March 2000
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